Monday, October 26, 2009's been a while!

Um, yes...I was going to update this thing daily. How did all of these months fly by?
The kids are now 7, 4, and 2 with minds and adventures all their own.
Joye is in the first grade being taught at Richmond elementary by Karen Cryer. She is awesome and Joye is having a great year. Sad at first to learn that her on-again off-again "boyfriend" Cooper Tanner moved to Perkins, she recovered nicely and is just making tons of friends and learning by leaps and bounds as usual. She and Hayden ride the bus to school together most mornings, I pick her up on Mondays and Wednesdays (my days off) and on Tuesdays and Thursdays she goes to the after school program at Richmond. Gurney picks her up on Fridays with the boys and they usually go get ice cream. :) And I wonder why they don't ever want to eat supper on Friday nights!
Griffin is my little thinking pot. He is always asking questions and coming up with funny stuff. We got he and Joye MP3 players for their birthdays this summer and I put one song by the Jonas brothers on his that has a particular line that says "it's like a poison in my brain." One day, Grif was going to the bathroom and I (as usual) needed to be IN the bathroom with him standing there keeping him company until he got done. He said, "Mom, can boys live in your brain?"
"Can boys live in your brain? Like that song on my ipod about boys in your brain? I thought only God can live in your brain, and how does he get in there?"
Obviously, we need to practice our song lyrics. One of his favorite foods is cantaloupe, though when he says it, it's pronounced "can-a-ga-low."
Griffin goes to Sunnybrook preschool, where his teacher is Miss Gaye. He goes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. We hang out on Mondays and I get to pick him up on Wednesdays. He goes to Miss Kim's on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with Graham and to Gurney's on Fridays.
Graham is our strong willed child for SURE. He thinks he is 6...or sometimes 4, but NEVER 2. If you put him out about something he will straight up roll his eyes at you, and he introduces himself as "Grammers." Today he smashed a cookie with frosting between his fingers while sitting on the kitchen floor with me telling him no the entire time he did it. A spanking and a time-out later, he was right back at his tricks. I need a nap!
Graham's teachers at Sunnybrook Mom's Day Out are Miss Sarah and Miss Lynn and he goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He loves it, and he and Miss Kim share a special relationship this year too. I think the poor kid just felt miserable all of last year with his stinkin ear problems! Thank you God for ear tubes and Dr. Crawley. :)
Well, I don't know when I will write in this again, but my intentions are INCREDIBLE!! Bye for now.

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